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Arcana Famiglia [PSP][JPN]


Original title : アルカナ・ファミリア
Language : Japanese
Company : Hunex
Release date : 27th, October 2011
Guide : xxchoroxx



The heroine spent her childhood days in a lonely, remote place with her mother, Sumire, and her servant/subordinate, Luca. The Christmas she turned 16, she was invited to go and live together with her father, Mondo.

The dream she had ever since she was young was to live a happy life with her family together. Thus, with her long-yearned-for dream coming true, she took her first steps as a member of “Arcana Famiglia”, a vigilante organization the frank Mondo is in control of.

The story takes place 3 months after that, on April 1st


|           MEGA           |

Password : –

How to Install :

  1. Download .iso file
  2. Play it with a PSP console or an emulator (If you don’t have a PSP)
  3. Happy Gaming~!

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