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Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Miyagi Hen & Okinawa Hen~ [PC][JPN]


Original title : Photograph Journey ~恋する旅行・宮城編&沖縄編~
Language : Japanese
Company : Honeybee & Dengeki Girl’s Style
Release date : 29th, August 2014
Guide : xxchoroxx



Until she became a high school student, due to the the protagonist’s (Hayama Haruho) father’s job, she had to repeatedly transfer schools. One day, she receives a single letter from a boy she met at one of the many places she had moved to.

Enclosed is a letter and a photograph of him.

Form then onwards, the nostalgic relationship between him and Haruho begins.

Accompanied by Richard, an English boy who loves Japan and is currently home-staying at Haruho’s, she journeys to the place where that boy now lives…

This is a travel romance story that began from a single letter…

Who will you choose to visit?


|             MEGA             |

Password : otomemaiden

How to Install :

  1. Download .zip file
  2. Extract .zip file using WinRar or 7-Zip
  3. Lunch setup.exe, follow the instructions
  4. Go to Photograph Journey~恋する旅行・宮城編&沖縄編~ folder
  5. Run pj_miyagi_okinawa.exe
  6. There will be a pop out message in Japanese (for game preference), press ok to start the game
  7. Happy Gaming~!

4 thoughts on “Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Miyagi Hen & Okinawa Hen~ [PC][JPN]

    1. Before you run the game you have to run the setup.exe first, then follow the instructions and start the game from the folder that has been just created by the setup and not the folder you just unzip


  1. Sorry but I’ve been trying to run the applications but after I press ok, it just says ??????????? ive reinstalled after I changed my region to Japan, i ran the setup too.. the games from honeybee.. This goes the same with ayakashi gohan and rebirthday.. it just gives me the same message of question marks. 😥 Please help. I cant seem to find anywhere else to fix this problem


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