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Steam Prison [PC][JPN]


Original title : スチームプリズン
Language : Japanese
Company : Hunex
Release date : 16th, December 2016
Guide : xxchoroxx



People are divided into those who rule, and those who are ruled over

The great floods divided the world in two: The beautiful heavenly paradise, the Upper World, and the sullied Steam City, the Underworld

The people of the Upper World, who were favoured and allowed to escape from calamity, scorn those who live in the underworld, who were not chosen to survive

The protagonist, Cyrus,born and raised in the Upper World, dislikes the underworld too

To the people of the Upper World, the Underworld is the far end prison criminals get sent to, the place where only the vulgar live

Cyrus spends her life away from the Underworld, maintaining public order and protecting the people of the Upper World as an officer, believing in her own justice

One day, as part of her duty, Cyrus is sent to inspect the underworld, and along with her partner, Fin, descends to a district full of criminals

As she comes into contact with this unknown world, her cogwheels of fate begin to turn…

DOWNLOAD : 1.94 GB (TRIAL) , 1.83 GB (FULL)

|        TRIAL        |        FULL        |

Password : otomemaiden

How to Install :

  1. Download .zip file
  2. Extract .zip file using WinRar or 7-Zip
  3. Run スチームプリズン.exe
  4. If it doesn’t load, change your region to Japan (Don’t know how? look here)
  5. There will be a pop out message in Japanese, press the top right button to start the game
  6. Happy Gaming~!

3 thoughts on “Steam Prison [PC][JPN]

  1. Hello! I just wanted to ask if this was the trial or the full game? Because after I went to a certain point in the game it just stopped.


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